Inspire Women was founded in 2003 with no money in the bank, just a clear vision from God for a ministry that would go beyond conferences to provide mentorship, support and investment to women looking to unlock their God-given potential. Since our founding, we have grown to invest millions in scholarships, grants and support for women of all races and economic backgrounds.

Through our Leadership Academy, inner circles, citywide events and, most importantly, the ministry work of the women we invest in around the world, we help women find their spark and follow their God-given calling.


A united Christian sisterhood across all ethnicities, denominations and economic levels with every woman having the ability to unlock her God-given potential, find her spark and change the world.


God lights the way for women of all ethnicities, denominations and economic levels to follow their calling through our conferences, leadership institute, books, inner circles and scholarships and grants.

Board of Directors

Kim Watson- VP
Mary Ann Belin
Robert Carman
Judy Horne
Denise Malloy
Cathy Wining Thomas

Inspire Women Staff

Anita Carman—President
Mia Yoo – Vice President—Houston
Tatiana Fox
April Lemley

History of Impact