There are times in life when we find ourselves at the same crossroads our parents encountered in their lifetime. My mother saw the political situation in her country and tried to convince her family to leave. They were afraid to leave the familiar and decided that no matter what happened, they were better off to stay where they were. She then took all the risk upon herself and left the country. I found out later that up until her death she had been sending money home to support 18 people.

Fast forward the tape of life and I found myself at a similar crossroad. God had called me into women’s ministry. I felt safe serving in this role under the umbrella of an established organization. But God made it clear that as long as I was under an organization that did not exist just for women, I could not fully represent the interest of women. So at the crossroad of life when I was given the chance to stay and accept a promotion, I was confronted with the opportunity to leave a safe place to venture into the unknown to establish a ministry to benefit women. At that time, I don’t think I remembered my mother was at a similar crossroad where she chose to take the risk but I believe her example was ingrained in my DNA. When faced with a similar situation I felt compelled to take the risk. In fact, not taking the risk felt like I was leaving a legacy of fear. And I was adamant I would not allow fear to determine my life.

Have you ever been at a cross road? If so, what examples from your past is driving your choices?

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  1. Yes, for the past year I’ve been at a crossroads. When Hubby & I moved from the suburbs for his job, it was a good choice for us but affected our church, my ministry, my career and my friendships. We found a wonderful church right away, and this is when God also led me to Inspire Women. I am maintaining old friendships while slowly building new ones. Getting settled in a new community takes time.
    The real crossroads was with my career. What should I do? was a year-long search. While I felt called to full-time ministry and pursued opportunities in ministry, as I considered my talents and past success God showed me that I am effective for the kingdom in the marketplace. It would be wonderful to do kingdom work, with kingdom people, for people who are actively seeking the kingdom… But what about the faithful or lost in the world who need to work alongside a Christian and be encouraged in their lives and led to stronger faith?
    I need my church and ministry opportunities and Inspire Women to be refreshed and encouraged – so I can go back out into the marketplace mission field and continue to fight the good fight for the kingdom. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement, Anita.

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