My mother was not at my graduation but at my son’s graduation I saw how God had transformed my life. My children were given what I never had in my life: a mother who shared milestones with me.

I remember the day I was at my son’s last basketball game in high school. He won that game. However the normal cheers were dampened by the tears in many mothers. One mother said to me, “This is the last game of my son’s life in high school.” I resisted being swept into the thinking which began with the sentiment “This is the last time…” Instead I clung to the excitement of new beginnings. So I wrapped my mind around the sentiment “This is the first time…” This is the first time my son will play basketball in a league bigger than high school. This is the first time my son  will test the strength in his wings and realize he can fly on his own. This is the first time for so many new discoveries and to find a world bigger than his neighborhood and high school. This is the first time he will be on his way to find his place in the world and what God created him to do. This is the first time he will leave the house a boy and return a man, a grown adult with a strength and convictions of his own who will no longer be a dependent but serve as a pillar in my own life. And in these sentiments of “first time” emotions I released my son to God and thanked Him for walking with my children the rest of their lives. God walked with me and never left me and I can trust Him with my children. He is faithful from one generation to the next.

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