The day my mother died, I wrote the words “The End” to her story. As far as I was concerned, hers was a legacy of defeat. She was a woman who allowed life to overwhelm her. I was terrified that I had her DNA and that I would end up just like her. But what God showed me was how His Spirit resurrects life out of ashes. What my physical eyes judged as “It’s all over”, my spirit sensed a restlessness from something that was still stirring. That something was God at work, rekindling the fire and writing a different end to the story.


Excerpt from the book:The ending is unfolding before us, in my mother’s grandsons, in the foundation of a ministry that will protect God’s dreams for thousands of women, beginning in Houston, Texas and spreading to cities across the nation and the world. The realization hit me like a thunderbolt: that my mother’s life, for all its losses, had never once lost its central, extraordinary idea. In this world of tragedy, the best we can do is look out for each other; the highest act of friendship we can perform is to help those we love…I carry with me her service and leave   behind her limitations. All of her dreams came true for me. I have the opportunities, the education, and the loving and supportive family that she always wanted for me.


In understanding the purpose of my mother’s life I understood better the purpose of mine. Her life unfolded in front of me like a screen play which represented the lives of millions of women.


When you think of the final chapter of your story, how do you think the story will end? If your physical eyes judge your situation as bleak, can you envision how God can transform your story with a different ending? Respond below


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