Written by: Anita Carman

It’s so hard when we cry out to God and He doesn’t answer. It’s especially hard when our agony is over someone we love. Have you ever carried a burden over a friend or a family member? I remember when I struggled with an illness in the family, I cried out to God and said, “How can I trust you if you haven’t healed them after all my prayers?” Then God opened my eyes to see that His standard for gaining our trust was the cross. God was saying to me, “You can trust me because I have proven my love by sending my son to die for you on the cross.” I then realized that I had set up my own standard for trust. I had put a hurdle in front of God and said, “Do this and then I will trust you.” But God will not bend to my standards because He has set His own. He is God and He chose the cross as the standard for my trusting Him. I wonder today if you have set your own personal standard for what God must do before you will trust Him. Is it time for us to let God be God?

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