Written by: Anita Carman

Have you ever held on to negative emotion? How do you release it?

Once I knew I was mad at someone and I never said anything. I acted like everything was normal, even though I knew on the inside that something had changed in the relationship. Then one day God confronted me for holding a silent grudge. I imagined talking to this person and telling them why I was disappointed in her. I discovered that my disappointment was connected with an unresolved past. I had so loathed how my mother had exited from this world prematurely that I possessed a disdain for anyone who left a job before finishing the assignment. I needed to forgive my mother and not require everyone to make up for her wrong doing. I needed to give each person the right to be himself or herself and not require everyone to make up for the hurt my mother had caused me many years ago. That was an “aha” moment for me and it was only possible when I stopped stuffing my feelings and gave myself permission to express the disappointment I was hiding. I wonder today if you are hiding a silent hurt. Is it time to admit the hurt and let God set you free?

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