Eventbrite - 18th Annual Inspire Women Conference - Rising Above the Storm

What you will experience:

Once every year, women from every season of life come together to worship, refuel, and ignite God’s purpose for their lives. Here’s what happens when you step into the Inspire Women experience.


Hear powerful keynote messages that awaken God’s purpose in your life


Bond with other women who also desire to serve God


Discover scholarships and grants opportunities that invests in you and God’s dreams through you


Praise God together and gain eternal perspective on our personal situation



Keynote Speakers

Anita Carman: Founder & President of Inspire Women

Anita knows a thing or two about what it means to begin again, after being uprooted several times in her life. Today, she reaches thousands of women, connecting their need to the word of God which is power and not just talk. Hear Anita speak about practical ways to adjust to changes and rise above the storms in your life to finish well.

Ron Hall: Author of NY Times bestselling book, “The Same Kind of Different as Me”

Ron Hall is a wealthy art dealer in Dallas who learned from a homeless man that, “We are different but the same because, in a way, we are all homeless on a journey home to God.” At a time where thousands experienced homelessness in Houston during the evacuations from Hurricane Harvey, hear Ron share a message on how our displacements can lead to greater understanding of the human soul and God’s purpose.

Sheretta West (First Lady of The Church Without Walls)

While faced with two campuses under water during Hurricane Harvey, Sheretta offered thousands of square feet of her church’s only surviving campus to be used as a rescue station for the community. Leaders are people too, with hearts that break like everyone else and who can feel life knocking the breath out of us. Hear Sheretta deliver a message on breaking through the tears to ultimate triumph.

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