A Daughter's Destiny: The Bible Study

An 8-week bible study based on the book “A Daughter’s Destiny: Finding Redemption in the Midst of Broken Dreams”. Explore your backstory with a community of peers on the same journey. Discover the roots of your destiny and the extraordinary potential that lies ahead of you. Be reminded that God has destined you for His dreams in your life. There is no story too broken for God to redeem. Don’t miss this unique bible study of self-discovery.

Come to the first session to find out how to launch this study in your home, church, or workplace or come to all seven sessions at Sugar Creek Baptist Church.

Inspire Women and Sugar Creek Baptist Church welcomes all the women of our city to join this unique bible study based on a true life story of pain and ultimate triumph. Open to the public.

Buy your book “A Daughter’s Destiny” on Amazon or purchase it for $15 on June 21st. There is no registration fee for this bible study.


Date: 8 Wednesdays starting June 21, 2017 through August 16, 2017
(Anita Carman will speak live at the first session on June 21st) (Class will not meet on Weds July 12th)
Time: 9:30am-11:30am
Location June 21st only: Sugar Creek Baptist Church LYF Center, 13444 Southwest Freeway Sugar Land, TX 77478
Location June 28th-August 16th: Sugar Creek Baptist Church Chapel 13213 Southwest Fwy Sugar Land, TX 77478
For more information on having this bible study in your church contact Mia@inspirewomen.org

A Note from the Author

When God nudged me to write my story in A Daughter’s Destiny-Finding Redemption in the midst of Broken Dreams, I pretended I didn’t hear Him. Have you ever tried that? I did not want to reveal the sufferings that led to my mother’s suicide. I did not want to tell about her rape at the age of 14, her rejection when she married a German Jew, her being widowed and forced to leave a 7 year old son. I did not want to share my own weakness and how I almost gave up on life like my mother. But God said, “That’s not how the story ended.” The story ended with God taking a broken story of a voiceless woman and transforming it into His story to empower the voices of thousands of women. God said, “This isn’t your story. This is my story and I want it told.” How many of you have a story that needs to be told because it’s God’s story, not yours? Be part of a community that helps you discover your unique story and how God wants to use your life to change the world!

DVD Bible Study Includes...

Seven 30 minute sessions on DVD
Downloadable Bible Study Teacher’s Guide
Downloadable Discussion Questions