Inner Circles are monthly gatherings for those with leadership or shepherding responsibilities. Over 600 leaders attend every year. Come participate in a meditative bible study from God’s Word focused on building purpose and character and build an ongoing community with women in leadership who share similar challenges and responsibilities.

  • Inner Circles

The Purpose of Inner Circles


Receive a Word from the Lord designed to inspire you to keep going


Enjoy a quiet time set aside for you to be still and meditate on God’s Word


Participate in small group sessions as a safe place to share with other women with leadership and shepherding responsibilities


Receive prayer support from other women who share similar responsibilities and passion for missions and ministry


These gatherings are designed for those with leadership or shepherding responsibilities in ministry, business or in the home who need spiritual replenishment. There is no charge for Inspire Women’s monthly inner circle. Inspire Women Inner circles are offered 2-3 convenient times per month, choose a day that works best for you and follow us all year long.

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