A Daughter's Destiny:

Finding Redemption in the Midst of Broken Dreams

Her life broke her
Her God heard her
Her children never forgot her

“O God, help my daughters have the voice I never had!”


“Anita Carman’s life has impacted thousands of women all across the world, including my own. Her commitment to shape lives has been a beautiful sight to behold. And that is why this story, of how her own life was molded, is even more powerful. In these pages, you will read the authentic and gripping saga of a woman, her mother, and the God who loved them both.”

“Anita tells her amazing story of her relationship with her Mother from the perspective of wisdom learned when she couldn’t praise Him for what He allowed but let the pain drive her to an all sufficient Christ! A must read.”

Making Sense of Your Life:

Breakthroughs to finish the dream

Let’s face it: life can be overwhelming. One day, you feel like you’re moving forward, and then, as if from nowhere, life deals you a card that makes you want to quit. Death. Disease. Losing a friend. Trouble with the kids. Conflict in your ministry. Marital tension.

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Transforming for a Purpose

Transforming for a Purpose:

Fulfilling God’s mission as daughters of the King

That’s easier said than done. Anita Carman knows how debilitating three particular emotions—loneliness, rejection, and fear—can be. But she knows the power of Jesus Christ.

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The Best of My Mentor and Me:

A Friendship Designed in Heaven

In memory of Carol Ann Logan Byrd
“I’m running away!” I would say. And she would answer, “o.k. dear! But don’t forget to come back!” No matter how hard the challenges, we set out to find our spark to ignite this world for God. We were best when we served together. We had twice the courage, twice the faith, twice the laughter and with God as the power beneath our wings, we were unstoppable! If you are ready for a friendship designed in heaven to accomplish God’s purpose, this book will expand your world and inspire you to ponder the possibilities in a mentoring relationship purposed by God. Honest, funny, real, and life changing, don’t miss the priceless mentorship gift only God can give you, a forging together of the best of your mentor and you as you journey full throttle hand in hand to leave God’s mark in this world.

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Keynote Messages by the Founder and President of Inspire Women

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