I lacked confidence. Now, I Am Inspired!
I Am Inspired Submission - Inspire Women

Wonderful people and beautiful places have blessed me all my life. I have three beautiful children and a loving husband who gave me the freedom to choose between being a full-time mom and continuing my professional career. Because I didn’t need to work to feed my family, I never felt the need to act with confidence in order to receive a high income.

One day, while listening to Anita Carman speak, I realized that my business is my ministry and I can practice my beliefs there. Ministry and business do not have to be mutually exclusive so I was inspired to give. I saw God as the best business partner I could ever have. When trying to decide between a business opportunity and a non-profit ministry opportunity, I said to God, “If it is your will for me to be blessed in this business capacity, I will give all of the extra to Inspire Women.” So I boldly made the ask and God blessed my business opportunity. After receiving the extra money, I became aware of a need at Inspire Women which happened to be the exact amount I had received. I immediately gave the money to the ministry.

I have been translating Anita’s weekly e-devotions into Spanish for three years now. Anita’s e-devotions and teachings, together with the teachings of my church, keep me focused on God’s mission every day as I deal with issues at work.

What I have gained from the ministry of Inspire Women is priceless. How can I assign a dollar value to what it means to have someone believe in my potential and to invest in me to step into my identity as God’s daughter? I wish to raise at least $3500 to sponsor one woman through Inspire Women’s Leadership certificate program. I pray you will help me to transform the life of at least one woman to develop her emotional fortitude to live God’s mission for her life. I pray to reach one life at a time! Please help me by donating to the “Spark A Dream” campaign.


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