I was fearful. Now, I Am Inspired!
I Am Inspired Submission - Inspire Women

Five years ago, God used a dark season of depression and anxiety to show me the depths of His unfailing love. Thoughts like, “What happened to my life?” “Why am I unable to concentrate?” “Why am I so forgetful?” “What happened to my brain?” and “How can God use me?” dominated my mind. I wanted to trust God for my healing but a paralyzing fear of the unknown left me stuck and afraid to move.

Through Inspire Women’s Leadership Institute, I learned to understand God’s unconditional love for me as His daughter. God’s Word transformed my fear and anxiety and I developed the courage to step into the life He had for me.

Today, I serve at Inspire Women in the Leadership Institute and Inner Circles helping women to find the light in God’s purpose as His daughters. His love is enough!

What I have gained from the ministry of Inspire Women is priceless. How can I assign a dollar value to what it means to have someone believe in my potential and to invest in me to step into my identity as the King’s daughter? I wish to raise at least $3500 to sponsor one woman through Inspire Women’s Leadership certificate program. I pray you will help me to transform the life of at least one woman to develop her emotional fortitude to live God’s mission for her life. I pray to reach one life at a time! Please help me by donating to the “Spark A Dream” campaign.


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