I was burned out. Now, I Am Inspired!
I Am Inspired Submission - Inspire Women

My biological family is full of dysfunction and my childhood was filled with trauma. As a child, I lost my grandmother to suicide and my mom was taken from me because of her battle with mental illness. My father died from lung cancer and a family member abused me. By age 16, I was on my own. A hit-and-run driver killed one of my best friends on graduation night. As a young adult, my past caught up with me, I ended up in an abusive relationship and found myself at the end of a pistol for eight hours. Determined to rise above, I prayed for God’s help and vowed that, if I survived, I would use my story to bring Him Glory.

I worked with a great counselor and God faithfully transformed my life. Now, I am married to my best friend and we have two beautiful children.

After serving God in ministry for 20 years, I never felt fully successful in my mission. Earnestly, I began to pray for God to send me a mentor who would help me fulfill the purpose He had for my life. God not only answered my prayers, He fulfilled dreams I didn’t know were there by sending me to a ministry that would help unlock my potential.

After years of striving, Inspire Women has opened the doors for me to push through years of ministry burnout and, with Christ, work to conquer my perfectionist issues while helping women change their lives.

As Anita Carman’s Special Projects Assistant, I have the honor and privilege of helping other women find their spark. I lead youth Bible study at my church and teach a life group and mentor couples in crisis with my husband. My mission is to lead people to discover that Jesus Christ is the key to freedom. Inspire Women helped give me the spark to do just that.

Do you have friends, sisters, nieces, adult children or grandchildren drifting in their purpose? A purpose driven life is a gift from God and fulfills His plans on earth. Your support empowers Inspire Women to turn pain into purpose and drifters into women with a mission. Please help us release the full potential of women to change the world by donating to our “Spark A Dream” campaign.


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