I was directionless. Now, I Am Inspired!
I Am Inspired Submission - Inspire Women

When I first met Anita, I was all over the map. I wanted to serve the homeless, abused women and children, victims of sex trafficking and inmates, but I knew I couldn’t do all of those things and do them well. After praying for what God wanted, He led me to Inspire Women, a ministry that trains and helps women in all of these ministries and more.

It became clear to me that, through our giving, my husband and I could have a part in touching many lives for eternity. We made the decision to give an estate gift to Inspire Women after our deaths. But then I read a book teaching that all things belong to God and, if we give money now, we will experience the joy of seeing lives changed for an eternity. So we were obedient and gave. It has been a joy to be a part of seeing women connect with their purpose and serve in ministries all over.

Anita has given me the opportunity to serve as Vice President of Inspire Women’s Board and to teach Inner Circles, a place where ministry leaders are refreshed, replenished and encouraged. Now I have the challenge and opportunity to design Inspire Women’s Life Purpose Center, a place to help women find their spark and launch into ministry with Jesus.

What I have gained from this ministry is priceless. How can I assign a dollar value to what it means to have someone believe in my potential and to invest in me. I am trying to raise money for Inspire Women. I would like to give this to the ministry as a thank you from men and my friends. I pray you will join me. I appreciate any help you can give. Help me by donating to the “Spark A Dream” campaign.


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