I felt hopeless. Now, I Am Inspired!
I Am Inspired Submission - Inspire Women

As a single child, divorce hacked away my family and I also became a casualty of alcohol abuse within the family. I coped with the dysfunction by fabricating stories to hide the truth.  At 22, I entered into a serious relationship and, even though it seemed like my life was on the right track, I had questions stirring in my soul.  I began to have panic attacks and felt hopeless.  No one could help me and I was desperate for a cure.

One night while driving, the only radio station that came through was a man talking about Jesus.  I had learned about Jesus in preschool but never before had I heard about sin and a relationship with Christ.  As I begged the Lord to forgive me, I felt the Holy Spirit bathe me in love and peace.  I was immediately released from the anxiety and darkness surrounding me.

I shared my experience with my boyfriend, which did not go over well.  In fact, my new life in Christ caused major issues.  I broke the relationship off and moved to Houston.

When enrolling in college, I applied for a scholarship through Inspire Women and was blown away by how supportive they are.  Inspire Women has many different ways to help equip women in God’s Word and in ministry.  I felt loved, fed spiritually and guided by women who know and serve the Lord.

Inspire Women continued to help me in my journey through graduate school, teaching me how to counsel others and helping me mature in Christ.

What I have gained from the ministry of Inspire Women is priceless. How can I assign a dollar value to what it means to have someone believe in my potential and to invest in me to step into my identity as God’s daughter? I wish to raise at least $3500 to sponsor one woman through Inspire Women’s Leadership certificate program. I pray you will help me to transform the life of at least one woman to develop her emotional fortitude to live God’s mission for her life. I pray to reach one life at a time! Please help me by donating to the “Spark A Dream” campaign.


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