I was abandoned. Now, I Am Inspired!
I Am Inspired Submission - Inspire Women

Have you ever seen a salvage yard? The field of abandoned scraps and fragments that are left behind appear filthy, deserted and trashed. What were once new, dazzling and useful are now scraps sitting in an abandoned field. The wear and tear has taken its toll and the scraps are left to be demolished or sit in a field to rust away. This is how I describe my life without Jesus Christ and the nurturing of Inspire Women.

My life was cluttered with brokenness, rejection and abandonment from various life events. But, I am so thankful that my life was recovered from God’s salvage yard where He turned all of my trash into a beautiful treasure.

Inspire Women has provided training by way of monthly Inner Circles and annual conferences, which has helped me to transform my pain into purpose. The Spiritual Oasis — a place provided by Inspire Women to be spiritually replenishing for God’s daughters, has been used by God to make ALL things new in my life. I rest there to soak in God’s ocean of love, mercy, grace, acceptance and accountability from other sweet sister’s in Christ.

Today I am currently an active speaker, a local Missionary with CARES Team Apartment Life and the founder of Brave Girl International Ministries, which is devoted to helping women discover the hidden treasures within them. Thanks to my training at Inspire Women, I am whole in Christ and equipped to help other women deal with their private dilemmas. Inspire Women has allowed me to find that spark within me to help move wounded heart’s out of the world’s salvage yard and into the Savior’s arms.

What I have gained from the ministry of Inspire Women is priceless. How can I assign a dollar value to what it means to have someone believe in my potential and to invest in me to step into my identity as the King’s daughter? I wish to raise at least $3500 to sponsor one woman through Inspire Women’s Leadership certificate program. I pray you will help me to transform the life of at least one woman to develop her emotional fortitude to live God’s mission for her life. I pray to reach one life at a time! Please help me by donating to the “Spark A Dream” campaign.


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