Are You Partial or Whole Hearted?

God is teaching me so much about what it means to serve with our whole heart. A trainer of service dogs tells me that the basic obedience most people view as obedience in their pups is not obedience at all. He said the authority structure is not in place. When you give a dog a treat, it may go through the motions of obedience but it has not accepted you as the authority figure. Service dogs must be consistent and reliable since someone with a special need is relying on them. To get them to that level of service, you must first establish the authority structure and you do so not through fear but through love. Those being trained for service learn that they don’t make any decisions but trust that their welfare and safest place to be is under authority. Learning to trust the one in authority is foundational and essential to their success in service. Do you see parallels in how the Apostle Paul viewed God as His authority and served as the bond servant for the Lord?

One of the biggest challenges we have today in growing disciples is that we live in a culture where eveyone is master of his or her own world. We give God the plan and ask Him to bless it. To be a bond servant under God’s authority is counter cultural. The fact is, only a remnant makes it. What about those who serve partially or half heartedly? Even if they are not counted among the remnant, is partial obedience better than no obedience? What do you think? Let me hear your thoughts.

Love from Anita Carman

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  • I believe that moving from partial to whole hearted obedience is a growth thing until we are fully matured in the lord. when we know better, we do better but we will not reach perfection until we get our glorified body.This flesh is a mess and has a mind of its own. In it there is no good thing, who shall deliver us from this body of death?CHRIST Jesus himself.God still loves us unconditionally if we truly believe and have faith in our lord and savior both are good but we must strive for perfection anyway because we love the lord and want to please him. Glory Hallelujah!

  • Shirley Campbell
    January 16, 2023 5:10 pm

    Thank you for such thought provoking words. I believe a desire to obey is a wonderful start. For in Mark 9:24 the boy’s father exclaimed ” I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief”! If we have a desire to do better and have truly accepted Jesus as our saviour the work has began. The Holy Spirit our helper is alive and is working on us and on our behalf. There is HOPE yet! Knowing that Jesus is then the author and finisher of our faith we persevere ,partial or whole heartedly! Blessing!

  • Sharron Johnson
    January 16, 2023 9:28 am

    I view partial obedience as disobedience.

  • Thank you for sharing your insights, words blessed. I believe all that are in Christ “makes it” It is by His faith and His grace and not mine. I have to live in dependency upon God and his faithfulness and not myself, because I am weak. Others stronger and more self sufficient may struggle with this more, but I have come to a place in my life that I literally have no choice. My greatest struggle (perhaps) is obedience in things like rejoicing and praising when it seems( to my natural mind) to be the most unproductive thing to do. But this is how faith grows and becomes strengthened. I am hoping to choose obedience in these areas that often make the least amount of sense in a given situation. I know when I make a joyful noise or praise my spirit is lifted and I know in that moment I am doing the best and right thing. The rest is all in God’s own hands.


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