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How Life Made You Feel

I was pondering the idea of how life makes us feel as being foundational to how far we go in life. Then it occurred to me that my husband has mastered this concept in our marriage. Below is what he has done for 40 years to keep us thriving——Regardless of what has happened, he manages…
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God’s Daughters Respond to Tragedy

The Bible tells us in Peter 5:8 to be “alert and sober minded. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” An enemy who is waiting to pounce will look for our vulnerabilities. If we are not alert or sober minded, we will inadvertently open a back door…
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What is Life Without Mud?

I saw on our home security video my husband’s last walk to the car with Ivory, our fourteen year old golden retriever. The fact that she could get up to walk was unusual. The vet who received her was the same vet who administered her first puppy shot. He said she was well cared for…
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Your Choices That I Can’t Change

How much angst do you suffer from choices someone makes that you can’t change? If you are a visionary leader, you probably suffer greater torment because you can already see how someone’s story is likely to end which then forces you into the role of rescuer or be accused of not caring! Instead of letting…
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Saying Goodbye to Friends

I’m on my way to a viewing of one friend when I found out today that another friend passed unexpectedly. Do you ever feel like you’re losing friends at a faster rate these days than before? When you look beside you and see your safe friend missing, do you start losing boldness as you stare…
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The Wonder of Seeing Jesus!

I was watching the faces of my four year old grandson and my two year old grand daughter when the characters from the movie Frozen skated in front of them. Their eyes sparkled with pure joy and the look on their faces was shouting to me, “Don’t talk to me Mimi, I don’t want to…
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Exhaling Pain, Inhaling Life

I was feeling despondent and didn’t know why. Then it occurred to me that scenes of war and enemy takeover have triggered memories from my own past. I grew up in the midst of political unrest and hearing my mother describe the wave of refugees fleeing, her being one of them. I lived her moments…
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God, do you hear me?

I was chatting with my daughter in law who had me on speakerphone. In the midst of our conversation, my four year old grandson shouted out, “Mimi, can you hear me?” Even though I could not see him, I could picture the big smile on his face when I answered, “Yes I can hear you!”…
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