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No Regrets

My son was telling me about some losses he was choosing to endure as he made the choice to throw himself into a new plan. He concluded, “Then I can look back at this time with no regrets.” His words “No regrets” stuck with me all day. The fact is, a life of no regrets…
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Take it All In Stride

My son was home from Japan and the family went in two cars for a family getaway four hours away. With us were an infant and a toddler. The temperature was over 100 degrees. One hour and a half into the trip the ac went out in the car with the kids. They started screaming…
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Hearing God Clearly?

Have you ever been around those who hear God clearly and wondered why you don’t hear Him the same way? Why would God speak clearly to one person and not to another? Could we possibly be responsible for clogging up the channel of communication? Ps 25:9 reads: He guides the humble in what is right…
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Finish well for the Lord

Adrian Rogers once said, “The greatest ambition of my life is to finish well.” In his words, he reflected the attitude in Jesus’ life. When Jesus entered earth, He came with a mission. In the midst of all that was imperfect, there was something God entrusted Jesus to finish during His time on earth. No…
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Feel free to flow with God

We live in a culture that worships success. Many are impressed with buildings and numbers. With this comes a pressure to keep looking successful. I remember some years ago, someone said to me, “Try to blow your record. This way you can quit living with the pressure of having a perfect record. ”Would you like…
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God Bursts Open the Doors that Shut

Dear Faithful One, Has life ever felt like a prison around you? Have you longed for God to set you free? One semester, as I was teaching the lesson on “What are your repeat patterns?”, God showed me one of His patterns. May I share with you what God showed me in His Word? The…
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When other’s don’t recognize your value

Dear Faithful One, How much emotional energy do you spend trying to win those who have been offended by something you said or did? Did you know that Jesus offended those around him as well? Let’s learn from how God handled situations where those around Him were offended by Him. Matt 13:54-58 reads, “Coming to…
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