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When other’s don’t recognize your value

Dear Faithful One, How much emotional energy do you spend trying to win those who have been offended by something you said or did? Did you know that Jesus offended those around him as well? Let’s learn from how God handled situations where those around Him were offended by Him. Matt 13:54-58 reads, “Coming to…
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Win When A Problem Consumes You!

Sometimes when we have a problem, we become fixated on the one thing that must happen for our problem to be solved. In waiting for that “one thing”, we have inadvertently put God in a box. Today, I wish to invite you to study the gospel of John, chapter 5, verses 2-6 and learn how…
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New Year, New Spark

With the ringing in of a new year, I hear people talk about goals and new year resolutions. Well, my goal for the new year is to stop setting goals for the sake of setting a goal. After seeking God’s heart for the new year I’ve come to this conclusion: Setting goals is like putting…
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Why Didn’t God Choose Me?

Have you’ve ever been in a place where you were disappointed because you were not chosen for a role, a position, a business deal, or even for marriage, or for having children, or whatever desire is in your heart. Sometimes the desire to compete can leave us feeling like we are second best.  The world will…
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Fight Your Fears with a Greater Fear

Anita Carman’s radio segment is heard daily on KHCB FM 105.7 at 10.30 a.m. Below please receive your minute of inspiration! Dear Faithful One, Perhaps someone or something in life has made you afraid. God’s Word tells us in Psalms 111:10: “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.” The devil always tries to counterfeit God…
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