Choices I’ve Made that Changed My Life

Join Anita Carman, Founder and President of Inspire Women, as she discusses what decisions she made that helped propel her forward in her purpose. Learn how she processes the most difficult situations to finish what God has called her to do. Are there decisions you need to make in order to get back on track?



  1. Write down a situation that seemed so much bigger than you.
  2. Are you building on land that is free? What changes do you need to make to get to a place that’s sustainable?
  3. Are you focusing on anything that will distract you from your destination?
  4. What are you going to do to get focused, disciplined, and back on track?
  5. Even if you are afraid, do you have the courage to walk through your open door? Will you trust God, who has delivered you before, to do it again?
  6. What should you do to change your focus to God’s character instead of focusing on your circumstance?



If you would like to be part of a group chat please post your comments on how
Anita’s message from this keynote and your reflection afterwards impacted your life.

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