Inspire Doodles

Inspire Doodles Outreach is a non-profit organization that deploys teams of service dogs with ministry leaders and students/graduates majoring in counseling to serve communities in the aftermath of traumatic crises such as teen suicide, gun violence or natural disasters. Their goal is to aid in recovery and restore hope to a devastated community.

Inspire Women is partnering in ministry with Inspire Doodles Outreach to match those with experience in ministry and/or counseling with these service dogs to form powerful service teams for deployment.

Favor, Freedom and Future are siblings and the inaugural team of doodles being trained for deployment.

If you resonate with the emotional support offered through friends with paws, consider a donation to support the training and deployment of more Comfort Dogs teams to serve the community. Your donation will help in these areas:

• Training and deployment care of service dogs for outreach teams
• Daily maintenance care of a service dog in ministry
• Travel expenses of a service dog in ministry
• Scholarship of a student in biblical counseling