Don’t let Criticism Take You Out

Are you ready to check out of the battle because you are tired of the challenges? While serving your heart out, some accuse you of lacking work life balance. Others find fault as spectators. They enjoy commenting from the sidelines. It helps me to think of life as when my house was flooded. When a house is under water and you are trying to save your family, time is of the essence. You are urgent because you need to be. Some seasons require us to be fully engaged, physically, emotionally and mentally. This doesn’t mean we have forgotten God or other people we love. Instead, it means God has sent us into battle and while fighting the enemy, we are totally leaning on His power and the love that faithful friends have deposited in us. We draw from a full reservoir!! So don’t waste energy apologizing for your season because God is the one who appoints seasons. The godly thing to do is to accept your season and to adjust your priorities accordingly. I silence the criticism by hearing God say as He did to Jesus, “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.” Did you need to hear today that God is pleased with you?

Love from Anita Carman


Pedir Ayuda no Significa Ser Débil
Esperanza en el Señor

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