Facing Unexpected Events

I have lived through seasons when I was surprised by life. I never expected the person I trusted with all my heart to break a commitment. I never expected the idyllic ideas I had about motherhood to include medical challenges with my first son. When I was in corporate America, I never expected the company that offered me a job to run into challenges and rescind the offer. When I look back at life, I see unexpected events that had the potential to derail me. But I also see unexpected incredible blessings I never dreamed possible.

I saw God turn the tragic loss of my mother into a passion to build a ministry that empowers thousands of women. I saw God heal my first born. I saw God redirecting my energies towards open doors that bore eternal fruit. So this is my conclusion of the matter: When life hits you with an unexpected event that devastated you, remember life also gives us blessings we never expected. Was this what the Apostle meant when he said that whether in plenty or in lack he chooses joy in his life. I find joy when I let life be all about my relationship with my Savior as we walk together through mountaintops and valleys. When I get to say to Him, “What was that all about?” and know He is not shaken, I find rock beneath my feet. When I am astounded by a blessing I didn’t expect, I know His pleasure is even greater because He knew the blessing was coming and He knows where the blessing with take me. So next time you face an unexpected event, determine ahead of time your response. Choose joy.

When I pray for you I “hear” a victory song. I believe in you because I believe in the power of God’s truths in you as you put His truths into action.

Love from Anita Carman

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Enfrentando Eventos Inesperados
Estar A Tu Lado

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