God, do you hear me?

I was chatting with my daughter in law who had me on speakerphone. In the midst of our conversation, my four year old grandson shouted out, “Mimi, can you hear me?”
Even though I could not see him, I could picture the big smile on his face when I answered, “Yes I can hear you!” What an illustration that was to me that when we see God answering someone else’s prayer, our heart cries out, “God, what about me? Can you hear me?” When we know that God hears us, any anxiety we have is put to rest. Just one word from God, one nod our way, one sense of knowing He sees us is all we need to keep going. Did you need to be reminded today that God hears you? When He is silent, it’s not because He didn’t hear us. Do you trust Him to respond in your best interest? All God’s thoughts towards us are for our good. Let’s bring that truth with us into the new year.
Love from Anita Carman

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