God’s Daughters Respond to Tragedy

The Bible tells us in Peter 5:8 to be “alert and sober minded. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” An enemy who is waiting to pounce will look for our vulnerabilities. If we are not alert or sober minded, we will inadvertently open a back door for the enemy to enter. Although the true enemy is an invisible spirit who hates God and His children, the devil uses people in physical form to do his dirty work. Those who are emotionally wounded, those who harbor an unforgiving spirit, those who spew anger on the innocent are prime candidates the devil recruits for his destruction episodes. The enemy wants to strike fear in our hearts and cause us to either hide or to flee.

But God’s Spirit also resides in believers whose spirit connects like a magnet to God’s battle cry. We are to take up our spiritual weapons and call down the full power of heaven through our unceasing prayers. We are to speak the word of God into the darkness and trust in its power and authority to split truth from falsehood. We are to rise up as kings and priests to penetrate the darkness with faith in action. Our passion for God’s goodness is stirred by tragic events that violate the world our heavenly Father created. When you strike our children you will see our tears unite us!!!

Injustice against the innocent strikes at our core and awakens any ounce of dormancy in us. The tears of those whose lives have been decimated stir up the giant in us that is no longer asleep. And when the waking giant rises, we go with the fury of God’s mercy to fight against the evil one by building a hedge of protection around the weak, the young, the innocent. No longer impotent or drunk with a lack of awareness, we rise up as God’s Kings and Priests to face darkness head on. We are destined to be heroines, entrusted with God’s charge to fill our earth with the values and character of a heavenly Kingdom. Each must look around where she is located and emerge from the caves of our isolation to unite as a heavenly force. No longer stuck in the rhetoric of what someone else must do or needs to do, we as mothers, grandmothers, spiritual mothers and grandmothers are compelled by our own conviction, “How can I fulfill my destiny as God’s heroine of this hour for the glory of His kingdom? Here I am Father, send your daughter!”

Love from, Anita

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