How Not to Lose Momentum

Join Anita Carman, Founder and President of Inspire Women as she discusses how keeps her momentum when circumstances arise that try to stop her. Have you allowed circumstances or obstacles to break your stride? Have betrayals caused you to want to quit, but you know God hasn’t changed His directive?



1. What have you allowed to break your momentum? What negative events in your life have you allowed to define you? A loss that crippled you? Betrayal that wounded you? Someone’s behavior that disillusioned you?

2. God’s mission does not stop when we lose momentum. As a Daughter of the King, how should I respond in my situation or circumstance embracing God’s Royal Family Code of Behavior?

3. Identify what is happening in your life?
What faith Sibling in God’s word went through something similar?
What did they do that was a right choice?
How can I do likewise so my actions are a choice of faith and I affirm my identity as a Daughter of a King?


If you would like to be part of a group chat please post your comments on how
Anita’s message from this keynote and your reflection afterwards impacted your life.

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