My son was telling me about some losses he was choosing to endure as he made the choice to throw himself into a new plan. He concluded, “Then I can look back at this time with no regrets.” His words “No regrets” stuck with me all day.

The fact is, a life of no regrets often requires sacrificing something we must let go of in order to live the life we won’t regret. For some, it’s delaying gratification to pursue a greater goal; or saying goodbye to familiar relationships as we embark on a leg of the journey where only God can go with us. We might be tempted not to go to protect the status quo and but the fact is, we may not have a choice. It helps to settle that we are the ones in control of a life with no regrets. We can choose adventure, we can choose faith, we can choose a future that requires greater growth and understanding. We can accept that even when life surprises us, we can trust God’s grace to use surprises to put us on a trajectory beyond our wildest imagination. Perhaps the life we dreamed was too predictable, too safe, too small and God wanted more for us. No question about it, a life of no regrets will require some risk. The question is, what are you willing to risk to know you didn’t hold back but gave everything to invest in your own potential to change the world?

When I pray for you I “hear” a victory song. I believe in you because I believe in God’s truths in you as you put His truths into action.

Love from Anita Carman

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Sin Remordimiento
Estar Seguro en la Incertidumbre

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