No More Start and Stop Ministry: Part 1

Join Anita Carman, Founder and President of Inspire Women as she discusses how she protects her potential so that she remains focused on the final goal. Have you allowed circumstances or obstacles to dictate your calling? Do you find yourself starting something God told you to do then stopping when it becomes too difficult? This week’s lesson is Part 1 of 2.



  1. Who or what do you rely on as your source of power as you serve the Lord in Your Family, Business, or Ministry? Who’s the first person you contact in a crisis?
  2. In the mission you have been given either for your family, business or ministry,
    Write down your overall goal.
  3. What is your biggest obstacle?
    What does God want you to do to remove the obstacle?
  4. How can you protect your potential for a greater harvest? Is your protection in getting more education? In living within the boundaries of God’s law? In staying within the boundaries of your call instead of meeting a need God never called you to meet? How would you protect your harvest?


If you would like to be part of a group chat please post your comments on how
Anita’s message from this keynote and your reflection afterwards impacted your life.

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  • Anita Carman
    May 14, 2020 6:17 pm

    Diane, We love Sagemont Church! I was so blessed to hear that you were encouraged through our conference. Thank you for your testimony. May God bless you and lead you into your future!
    Love, Anita

  • Diane Dumaine Martinez (soon Bosquez)
    May 12, 2020 12:18 am

    My goal is to follow Jesus’ lead in all areas of my life especially in my Called Ministry – Praise and Glory Prayer & Health Ministries. and most importantly in its’ Biblical Counseling area❣
    On a personal level I’ve been truly blessed with a new Godly Christian man in my life since my late husbands Passing 6 years ago, who has major issues of anxiety, and is High Functional Autistic❣
    I saw him thru a late in life college endeavor and keep a
    3.8 gpa while working f/t as a Skilled Equipment Technician helping him thru those times in, the aftermath of H Harvey when he and his carpenter friend rebuilt my house, home, and he couldn’t focus to read his assignment , remembering Jesus gave me excellent reading skills and he was open to me reading aloud. Well he’s just now *completed his 4 .5 yrs at U of H at age 53 and is officially a University Graduate, by Gods Loving Grace. His heart is to Help others on a more personal level. Considering he lost much of his youth as an only child with his mother having epilepsy and a brain tumor and his dad walking off before he was even 6 months old.
    God is Good to put me up to this heavenly challenge as He’s also Blessed me with both a nuturing and peace making spirits. Yet easy Only with our Lord Jesus and my Indwelling Holy Spirit.

    Whew, I started out to be brief thinking even as an author I didn’t have much to share. Our Lord God try fooled me.

    Thank you Anita and Inspire Women Ministry for this Grande Opportunity.
    I attended 2 of y’alls functions here at Sagemont Church. 1 with Tony Evans Jr. singing n teach preaching and a women’s convention when Stormie Omaritan was key guest speaker. Sadly, on 2 counts, i had to leave early for my D.O.N.s dad’s Memorial acriss town, and missed her sharing.

    I’d love to tell her how i learned after our reunion with my 1st born grown daughter, Nicole, and I were reading her book on Prayers for Prodigals at the same time when she was my13 long yrs. prodigal, n her 20yr old daughter, my 1st born grandchild, Valerie, was later her prodigal for only a couple of yrs Uncanny if we didn’t know it was all in Gods Grace and timing.
    Anita when we may once again gather togetner Please Please and Thank You, do find your way back this way to our Sagemont area.
    Blessings/Bendiciones to all y’all,
    Diane Dumaine Martinez,
    Rev, Lvn,


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