When One is Diminished, We are All Diminished

I am truly concerned about what is going on in our country. I’ve had many conversations with my staff trying to understand what is happening and how it is effecting God’s people. I even watched in horror as I saw some of the women look defeated and take on hopelessness. One of my staff said, “I dreamed of a better world, but I feel like that dream has died.” That bothered me to my core, so I took it to the Lord and He gave me an answer.

Pastor David Self said, “Jesus Christ created a new race. There is no room for bigotry in God’s kingdom.” This concept of a new race is not some idealistic goal for the future it is a divine reality. We as believers are united under the blood of Jesus. The color of our skin is an irrelevant attribute when it comes to our impact for the kingdom on earth and our eternal significance in history. Anyone who thinks otherwise is misinformed. God looks at the heart and He has designed His mission where our success is by the combined gifts He has put in each believer, through all believers! When one is diminished we are all diminished. Jesus said it is when we are one that the world will know that God sent Jesus. Through the blood of Jesus we are one. The devil knows this so he strikes against unity. The shedding of blood other than the blood of Jesus does nothing but create chaos and fear and the disintegration of a community. We the body of Christ have been given this divine reality of being united through the blood of our risen Lord. We have the answer the world needs.

We must begin by expressing this divine reality in our circles. In any home, may the mothers put their foot down and say “There will be no talk against race in this household. We will live the reality that we are one under Christ and for non believers we will invite them into this reality. No matter what message the world tries to send we will stand for the truth that God has already secured. Unity is already accomplished by the Holy Spirit through the blood of Jesus!” In any business may the CEO send a loud and clear message to all employees, “There will be a no tolerance rule: No attitude of bigotry will be tolerated. You will be fired immediately.”

No human can kill the dream of a world where we are not judged by the color of our skin. The reason why this dream cannot be killed is because God has already accomplished this reality by creating His new race through the blood of His son. Now the world will try to fight what has already been done but we all know what happens when you box with God. We must believe God and not let the devil redefine our reality. We as believers must hold on to the truth. But holding on is just the beginning. We must then live by faith and express the unity God has declared as true. Free at last, free at last, we are freed of false bondage and set free by God Himself. Jesus tells us to pray for God’s kingdom to come on earth. That kingdom is expressed in the new race Jesus Christ has created. I am a citizen of the new race. What about you?

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