The Wonder of Seeing Jesus!

I was watching the faces of my four year old grandson and my two year old grand daughter when the characters from the movie Frozen skated in front of them. Their eyes sparkled with pure joy and the look on their faces was shouting to me, “Don’t talk to me Mimi, I don’t want to miss anything. I’m concentrating!”  These were the characters they fell in love with in a book or on a video but a story on a page or on a screen can hardly compare to the three dimensional living and breathing character in front of them. My grandson immediately shouted “Wave back Mimi. Elsa is waving at you!” Of course, I had to wave back because who would even dream of missing out on the blessing of connecting and waving back? What a vivid micro illustration from fictional characters of what is to come on a macro level for us as believers when the real person of Jesus comes for us. The Savior we read about, prayed to, and experienced in our spirit will one day be standing right in front of us. On that day, will we hide, run the other way or wave back? May each of us cry out with wonderment as our eyes lock with those of our risen Christ, “You are everything I thought you would be and so much more!!” Love from Anita Carman
Protege el Regalo que Dios te Ha Dado
¿Es Hora de Aceptar las Decisiones de Dios?

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  • D'ette L. Myles
    April 22, 2022 9:29 pm

    What a beautiful illustration, Anita! Thank you for always providing relevance with truth.


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