What is Life Without Mud?

I saw on our home security video my husband’s last walk to the car with Ivory, our fourteen year old golden retriever. The fact that she could get up to walk was unusual. The vet who received her was the same vet who administered her first puppy shot. He said she was well cared for and had a great life! She felt no anxiety in his presence.

As sad as it was to say goodbye to our friend with paws, God reminded me of the amazing times we shared together. She braved the floods with us. She was here when our sons left for college. It even made me smile to remember her as the instigator who ran away all the time and persuaded the other dog to go with her on an adventure. Our neighborhood was her playground. It’s funny how we start to even miss the infuriating times because deep down we know how much we loved each other’s company!!

All this to say, our relationships are a gift. So embrace a friend today and make the most of your time together. Don’t waste your moments dwelling on the negatives. Today I even thanked God for the mud Ivory used to bring into the house because with the mud, she also brought life. And what is life without a little mud?

Love from Anita

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