What I’d Say to my 17 Year Old Self Given What I Know About God Today

Join Anita Carman, Founder and President of Inspire Women as she takes a look back at all the lessons she learned and what she would tell her younger self. Are there things you want to tell the younger version of yourself? Do you want to reassure her that it’s going to be alright or that God has the answers? Enjoy this special birthday message.



1. Have you uprooted yourself from where God planted you? Or if God has intentionally uprooted you, Are you keeping yourself without roots and keeping God from replanting you?

2. Are you holding onto remnants of a dream that has died? How are you trying to revive or to relive what has already died? Is there a dream you need to let go of so you can begin again with a new thing God is building?

3. Are you in a season of loss and mourning? How does it comfort you knowing that seasons will change? If you are in a season of laughter and dance then how are you protecting your season and not allowing someone else’s crisis destroy a season that God designed for your replenishment?

4. What if today was your last day. Is there someone you can bless? If so, how? What are you waiting for?


If you would like to be part of a group chat please post your comments on how
Anita’s message from this keynote and your reflection afterwards impacted your life.

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