Who’s Taking the Hill with You?

   Let’s face it, it’s hard to take the hill by yourself. It’s especially brutal when you’ve poured yourself into those you love and felt their loss when they could no longer take the hill with you. You find yourself missing them because not anyone will do. These individuals were the ones you let into your heart. Have you ever wondered, “Did I do something wrong?” Could it be that nothing unusual has happened and God will use every situation to prove their faith and ours?

   When Jesus was in Gethsemane, he looked to the three disciples to stay up with him to pray. The ones Jesus poured into were the ones who checked out and went to sleep. Jesus was fatigued too but chose to be even more resolute in staying the course.  He did not waste emotional energy feeling resentful. Instead, He trusted God to fill in the empty spaces. He set out to finish the work the Father sent him to do, knowing that when he succeeded, he would invite everyone into the blessing, even those who were missing in action.

   What I learned from Jesus is to have the right narrative in our heads.  What sustains our momentum is not guilt or obligation or some secret ambition to be applauded as the super-hero of the hour! Jesus was all about the Father’s will. Similarly, the Apostle Paul said in Acts 20:27, “I have not hesitated to proclaim to you the whole will of God.” NIV.

   Oh to find the momentum to take the hill by not hesitating, by not getting side-tracked, by not allowing other people’s narratives to dilute the full will of God for our lives! Even if some are missing on your team, don’t miss the fact that not everyone is missing. Recall there stood five beside Jesus at the cross. Imitating how Christ directed his words to the ones who stayed, I am grateful for the faithful co-laborers God sent to stand with me. They infuse my spirit with boldness. I am touched by their perseverance and commitment to serve God’s purpose. In the midst of a tidal wave of forces that attack God’s mission, we slip through the crevices to protect the warriors God sent our way to train, while at the same time never losing sight of establishing Inspire Women as a perpetual fortress to empower the gifts in thousands of God’s daughters for generations to come!

   Is the hill we’re taking worthy of our sacrifice and honoring to the God we serve? Some people get to serve for one lifetime, others get to serve in this lifetime while also securing the future for the lifetimes of those who follow after us. We are the chosen ones to carry the torch, to labor not as hired help but as children of the King, heirs to an eternal kingdom. I am so grateful God chose to trust us with His mission. I hold close to my heart my co-laborers in Christ who by their steadfastness have expanded my courage. Together, we take the hill as our worship and lay our service at God’s feet! May God be glorified through us!

Love to you always, Anita


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  • I struggle with relying on others to do what God has called me to do. I am the Chaplain for a Scout troop. I think it is important for the Scouts to earn their religious emblem award. This requires them to take a class. The other leads have told me that I won’t get anyone to sign up for the classes. The kids are too busy. This makes me angry. We are all volunteers and should encourage each other. Discuss ways to get the excited about it. I know this what God has callled me to do. I did have 6 jr high Scouts complete the program and have 4 high school Scouts signed up. Please pray I focus on what God is doing and not the negative comments from others.

    October 23, 2022 2:38 pm

    God directs the timing. When I see an Anita blog I want and need time to reflect and let every morsel of truth soak into my soul. My first thought when I saw the title reminded me of a visit to Gettysburg. The tour guide was excellent and thoughtful in his explanations—but a troops job was to get to the top of the hill. This is where the enemy could be seen and captured and best chance for victory in a battle. Many stories regarding how the Hill was taken and it involved sacrifice and the help of others. My, our, sin was captured and paid for on a Hill. The sacrifice Jesus paid is for our redemption and more than any battle humans encounter—it was out of His love and obedience the payment for my sins was made.

  • I am touched by your blogs, Glory to God. Hallelujah.

  • THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  • The Lord will finish the work He started in each of us…

    Thank you, Anita

  • Great reminder of our purpose. “Spiritual success is not measured by external fireworks but by a steady heart of obedience and faithfulness.”


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