Your Choices That I Can’t Change

How much angst do you suffer from choices someone makes that you can’t change? If you are a visionary leader, you probably suffer greater torment because you can already see how someone’s story is likely to end which then forces you into the role of rescuer or be accused of not caring! Instead of letting the choices of others to derail your life, an alternative is to stay where you are bearing fruit and trust the Holy Spirit to work details out in someone else’s life. Your decision to let go is an act of faith. You believe God is able to do what you humanly cannot do. It takes eyes of faith to see past immediate details to trust God with the future. It takes even greater faith to stop being God in someone else’s life, especially when you have evidence that the help you gave in the past made no difference.

Our attempts to be Savior may even be the very activity that sabotage what our true Savior wants to accomplish in someone’s life. If we truly have seen and trust what God has done in our own lives, then can we trust He is the same God we can trust with the lives of those around us? Let God write His stories!!Meanwhile, let’s stop living where someone else’s choices are draining us and choose to thrive in stories where God is bearing fruit through us!

Love, Anita

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  • Anita, this devotional spoke volumes to me as I pray for my family members who desperately need Christ who is our salvation. I’ve been convicted lately that just perhaps without realizing it, I’ve been getting in God’s way. My prayers are now focused on God making a way where there is no way which takes a great deal of faith that He is capable of doing just that. Thank you for the reminder that my faith should be in Jesus and not in myself.

  • An incredibly timely message!

  • This speaks to me! God’s perfect timing through your inspiring blog! Blessings!

  • May it be so!
    Thank You God that we can trust You! May those difficult things work out for Your glory!

  • Great insight and biblical wisdom relevant for our lives today!!!

  • Amen!


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